Why adopt HTML5?


Time to switch.

HTML5 is becoming the industry standard for web technology. Publishers are migrating to HTML5 video players, browsers are introducing power saving plugins and mobile traffic, which only supports HTML5, is continually rising.

HTML5 is here to stay so make sure you don't get left behind in this industry-wide revamp.

Make the switch today!

What's the big deal?

As publishers reduce the support of Flash and mobile impressions increase, many advertisers have seen a gradual growth in backup image rates for their campaigns. Along side this, many browsers have started to adopt "Power Saving" plugins which pause any Flash content. Don't be scared, we're here to help!

Luckily, HTML5 navigates these issues and can help improve your advertising campaign's performance by reducing the backup rate while delivering the same rich, interactive content as Flash.

HTML5 also creates the opportunity to extend the reach of your campaign. With the ever increasing prevalence of mobile traffic, unlike with Flash, HTML5 allows you to target your audience no matter their device. Whether it be desktop, tablet or smartphones, with HTML5 your audience will always see the full advertising experience that you create.


We offer a wide variety of tools and support material to help you make the switch to HTML5 today:

  • Google Web Designer; a powerful authoring tool which helps designers and developers to easily build creatives
  • Layouts; lets you quickly turn your static assets into interactive rich media units
  • Templates, Help Center and HTML5 Toolkit resources help you build HTML5 units from scratch

If you feel brave enough you can use include of our TechLab solutions or deep dive into all the advanced available features at HTML5Rocks.com.

You can also find more mobile-specific information on our Mobile resource page.

DoubleClick Studio Layouts

Google Web Designer

Google's powerful and intuitive HTML5 authoring tool, which is completely free to download and use. Learn more.

DoubleClick Studio Layouts

DoubleClick Studio Layouts:

For DoubleClick Studio users, you can use HTML5 layouts within the tool to turn your assets into HTML5 ad units in a few minutes. Find out more

Template Database

Template Database

Select from hundreds of existing templates and sample code. Use filters to find formats and features you need and use these templates as a starting point for your next creative build. Browse it here


Adwords Ready Ad Gallery

Similar to Studio Layouts, Adwords provides a Ready Ad Gallery of templates that can be used to turn assets into HTML5 ads in minutes for AdWords campaigns.


Core Studio + HTML5 Certification

Distinguishes developers as highly skilled in creating innovative and high-performing Rich Media ads. Our HTML5 focused exam will help demonstrate your skills.

Find out more here.

Help Center

Help Center

Our help center is the best place for general DoubleClick Studio and DoubleClick Rich Media support documents.

Tech Lab

HTML5 TechLab solutions

Google's Tech Lab, is a project created by Google's Creative Specialists to develop new innovations and push the boundaries of digital advertising. Check it out!


Flash to HTML5 converter

HTML5 fallback version for all eligible Flash creatives uploaded to the platform, so that they can be served to browsers not supporting Flash. A Flash extension (and an online tool) called Swiffy is also available. find out more!

HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rocks

A resource for developers looking to put HTML5 to use today, HTML5 Rocks includes information on specific features and when to use them, covered through many articles and step-by-step guides.

HTML5 starter file

HTML5 Creative Starter Files

Create your own tailor-made HTML5 starter file in just a few seconds using our generator! Simply select the format, size and functionality. Once chosen you'll be able to immediately download a ZIP file with all the assets. Check it out!

HTML5 Toolkit

HTML5 Toolkit

A resource for creative designers and developers to learn about a wide range of topics and best practices. Everything from animation techniques to web components are broken down to the must know information to help get you on your way. Check it out!