DoubleClick Studio Layouts

Create beautiful rich media ads quickly and easily.


Key Features of Layouts

Create a new rich media ad in minutes! Choose from a library of pre-populated ad designs and then:

  1. 1. Upload your assets
  2. 2. Edit your creative
  3. 3. Publish

Benefits of Studio Layouts

Efficiency: Studio layouts makes it quick and easy to build rich media ads.

  • Save an average of 30 hours (3.5 days) per creative for production time.
  • Get a creative built, QA approved, and ready to traffic in as little as one business day.
  • Easier tools - the new production tools don't require advanced skills to use, reducing the need to outsource production to external shops.

Reach: Get more mileage out of the assets you already have.

  • Layouts lets you create more rich media ads, (including HTML5 ads,) using the same standard assets you already have.
  • Building out multiple ad formats for a campaign increases your brand impact. (Brand building guide)

Performance: Build rich media ads instead of standard ads and improve campaign performance.

  • With Rich Media, you can utilize larger file sizes so your ads can be more beautiful and engaging.
  • All standard rich media metrics are baked into layouts, (no custom-coding required) so you can prove the performance of your ads.

Gallery: All of these ads were built using Studio Layouts.

Demos: These are the types of ads you can build with Studio Layouts.