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New to Rich Media?

Step 1. Don't Panic!

Step 2. Breathe!

Step 3. Learn everything you need to know, at your own pace, with our interactive online Rich Media Fundamentals course.

Discover everything from what Rich Media is, to how to build, traffic and even fix it, all in just a few hours.

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Demonstrate your skills and get rewarded for it

Have you been creating Rich Media for a while? Then we think you should consider our Studio certification program. The program distinguishes developers as highly skilled in creating innovative and high-performing Rich Media ads and lets you both promote and enhance your expertise in Rich Media development. So why wait? Certify your skills today.

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Rich Media Checklist

Check out the Rich Media checklist to help you do your job faster and better. After going through this program you will better understand the process of launching and running Rich Media campaigns.

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Training videos

Learn about product features and releases by watching a training video.

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Need Help?

Are you looking for information on how to build a particular ad format? Do you need API documentation or sample code? Are you in need of some help with your trafficking set-up or trying to troubleshoot a live issue?

Whatever your question and no matter whether you're involved in the production, the trafficking or the actual display of a Rich Media creative our Help Center is packed full with answers, so make sure you make it your first port of call.

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